Cannot get HDMI video from Sony nxcam hxr-nx100 into Pearl Mini


I have a Sony nxcam hxr-nx100 connected to a Pearl Mini (with the latest firmware FWIW). I am unable to get video from the camera into the Pearl Mini natively in HDMI. The camera is able to pass signal to an external display, pass signal to an ATEM mini pro and to a Blackmagic Web Presenter over HDMI. I am trying video at 720/30, 1080p/30 and 1080/59.94 and regardless of what the output of the camera is, the Pearl shows “0x0” on the HDMI input side. Note: I am able to connect a laptop to the Pearl Mini’s HDMI input and get video. Also, I am able to take an SDI camera, convert the signal to HDMI, and have it show up on HDMI input on the Pearl Mini. I am just not able to get native HDMI from this camera into the Pearl Mini. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you!