Can 4K video grabber plug into the rear USB A & B?



I have looked into the user guide of the Pearl Mini that the rear USB A and B ports can take video grabber of HD and SDI. I am using 4K, and reading the user guide that I can make the 4K output HD signal that the Pearl Mini would take from the USB ports. Once I plug in those devices, on the administration pannel of the Pearl Mini “input” does not allow me to add the USB signal.

Wondering anyone can help me solve this issue, anything I am doing wrong or just that 4K video grabber is not possible.


#2 4K will always capture the native signal from the video source. As an example, if you are outputting UHD from your camera source to the 4K, The USB recognition will be set to 4K - Which Pearl Mini cannot see. If you set the output of your camera connected to the 4K to have a Full HD output, it will be seen as Full HD on the USB connection of Pearl mini.