AV.IO HD only low fps supported on Linux




When using AV.IO HD on Linux the device doesn’t seem to support 60fps.
I’m using it from OpenCV but also verified this with video utilities such as guvcview.
When on low res like 640x480 the highest supported fps is 30. when I switch to 1080p only 5fps is available.
I’m running the latest firmware.

Was anyone successful in capturing 1080p at 60fps?



Replying to myself:
The problem was not linux related. The device was connected to a USB 2.0 port instead of USB 3.0
Once connected to USB 3 port, I get 60fps.


Glad to hear it is now working.

I was about to say, this would be the case in USB2 mode and to make sure it was connect to a USB3 port.