Automatically start recording when streaming starts



Are there any option to automatically start recording when streaming starts?



Yes, indeed you can start streaming and recording at the same time using the “One Touch Control” feature built into our Pearl devices. The One Touch feature lets you control the recording and streaming of multiple channels and recorders with the touch of a single button on the touch screen of Pearl Mini. You simply specify which channels and recorders to include for One Touch control using the Admin panel.

When defining settings under “Streaming” and “Recording” within your Channels, there will be a check box “Single Touch Control”. Check this box on every stream and recorder you’d like to simultaneously start. Now, on the touch screen of the Pearl Mini press the One Touch icon next to the Settings icon. The One Touch launcher will now be visible showing the number of streams and recorders waiting to be started. Simply press start to begin streaming and recording!

Here is more information on One Touch Control for your reference:


Thanks for your answer, yes it’s a good option.