Audio streamed; not recorded…



In class yesterday I was streaming my lecture on YouTube for the first time. The students could see the video, hear the audio, I could see the VU meter bars bouncing around on the Pearl Mini touch screen as I went along, but when I downloaded the .MP4 files at the end of the day there was no audio recorded. Any ideas? Thanks in advance…


Does the YouTube video still have the audio present? Have you tried opening the MP4 files in alternative media players, for example VLC media player:


Yes. The YouTube video has audio ( The MP4 does not when I play it with Apple’s QuickTime player or drop it into Camtasia, but it does work when I used VLC as you suggested. Very strange behaviour.


Ah ok, so the audio is there, just not working in Camtasia or Quicktime. Is the encoding perhaps in MP3? If so support in Quicktime can be problematic sometimes and I would recommend switching to AAC. You can find the audio settings on the Encoding page for the channel in question.


Okay. The device was set to PCM out of the box. When I first fired it up I was getting grief from YouTube that it couldn’t support the audio. So I changed it to MP3, which made YouTube happy, but messed up the MP4 files. I’ll set it to AAC (48kHz) which should make YouTube happy as well as QuickTime and Camtasia. Thanks!