Audio Feedback and PIP



I am having an issue with audio feedback using my Webcaster x2. I know this is a discontinued product; however, I do hope someone can help me with this issue. I am trying to film live to Youtube. I am getting a horrible sound and my voice cannot be heard above the feedback.

Secondly, I cannot seem to use two cameras for a PIP. One camera is a Canon video which is my main camera and the second is a Sony video camera. The Sony is not working for the PIP.

I used the instructions and nothing worked. Should I use a different camera, or are my setup settings wrong.


Hello Mary,
Are you able to provide a sample of the feedback issue you’re facing?

The PiP feature can be used with the beta USB feature with a webcam. You would connect a USB webcam to the USB port on the side of the X2, enable the USB feature within the Preferences menu, power cycle the device and it should recognize the USB webcam.
If your goal is to use a camcorder or DSLR, it would need to be connected to a USB 2.0 compatible USB capture card. It is important to note that a capture card would likely mean reduced frame rates, unlike a Webcam


I will try to get that. I did figure out the PIP. It was the camera.


I figured it out in the settings.


Hi Mrenaud,

Regarding using the X2 for the PiP, our church’s presentation software, Proclaim, outputs the presentation slides through HDMI. We have been successfully using the X2 for more than a year to live stream our services, and it has been a true blessing. I was never able to find an HDMI to USB converter to take advantage of the built in PiP controls within the X2, so we have been using a 3rd party device with 2 HDMI ins to incorporate include the PiP into our live stream. It works, but has very limited control over sizing and positioning.

Can you recommend an HDMI to USB 2.0 capture device with little to no latency that will work with the X2’s USB port?

Thank you in advance!

Mike Russo
Calvary Chapel Lowcountry


My suggestion would be to find a better device to put in front of the WX2 HDMI input. I would not recommend spending on a device to knock down a good HDMI signal to USB 2, just to make it work with the beta USB cam input.


Unfortunately as we do not specifically test against third-party encoders, especially older USB 2.0 standard devices I cannot provide you with a recommendation. @str82vdo would be correct that the best course of action would be to use a dedicated solution in front of the X2


I figured it all out. Thanks.