Ancho de banda insuficiente


Good day

I’m having problem with webcaster x2

I have time doing live on twitch, with my pc connected by cable at 1080-60p to 8000, which is what the service supports.

But the Webcaster is not capable of maintaining 1080p.

under the same conditions, the same network, the same place, to the same server
My connection is 200mbps symmetrical and my speed tests to the twich server are maintained at 100mbps stable upload. Should be enough.
With the pc, I have no problem, I can attach evidence of what I am talking about here.

I hope the equipment is not defective, help

I speak Spanish, use google translator"


Hello, sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues with your Webcaster! We would need you to provide more information regarding this problem before we can troubleshoot. For example what do you mean by “not capable of maintaining 1080p”? Is the resolution changing during the stream? Or are you getting a low bandwidth warning on the Webcaster? Also how is the Webcaster connected to the internet, via WiFi or Ethernet? etc… We recommend you send an email to to proceed with this. Thanks!