Accessing NDI sources on different Subnets ?!



We are now using several large interactive touchscreen displays (86") in our lecture rooms.

Via HDMI output on these displays and subsequent NDI hardware encoding (e.g. using a Newtek Spark) the display content is available for remote recording in the whole university network. Now it should also be recorded by a central PEARL2 system, too.

Unfortunately the PEARL2 is connected to a different IP subnet, so these NDI sources are currently inaccessible here and can not be detected !

Accessing NDI sources on different subnets is usually VERY EASY using the
NDI Access Manager (enclosed in the Free NDI Tools), … just entering the corresponding
IP address of any NDI source, here !!

  • But how could this managed on a PEARL-2 ? *

Actually it seems the PEARL2 detects NDI source on the same subnet ONLY using mDNS,
which limits DNS resolutions to the same subnet (See: LNCP multicast addresses at IANA.ORG).


does NOT help in this case.

Ilja Kaleck
University of Applied Sciences,
Wedel, Germany


Unfortunately you are correct, the Pearl only supports ingesting NDI streams it can find via mDNS on the same local subnet. Sorry to say but for the time being there isn’t any workaround on the Pearl. I will mention this to the dev team as a suggestion for a future feature!