Using Zoom with Pearl for virtual conferences, webinars, and more

Bringing people together for live events has been a challenge in 2020. Happily, the show can go on with the help of video conferencing and live streaming technology. In this webinar, we walk through a setup that uses Zoom and a Pearl hardware encoder to bring together remote hosts and guests for professional-quality virtual events such as webinars and digital conferences.

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Bring together remote participants from anywhere with Zoom and Pearl

Zoom platform

Take Zoom beyond video conferencing

Zoom is seeing more play than ever before. Find out how you can extend the platform for professional-quality live video events including virtual conferences, product demonstrations, webinars, and more.

Multiple layouts

Master custom layouts with Pearl

Pearl’s powerful custom layouts editor is key to using Zoom with Pearl as a platform for remote hosts and guests. We’ll share pro tips and tricks to help you use this versatile tool to its full potential.


Discover the power of the SRT protocol

The Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol delivers high quality even over unpredictable networks. Learn how to use SRT with Pearl and Zoom to enable real-time communication between contributors.