Simplify your live video production with Pearl-2

Pearl-2 is a versatile and reliable hardware encoder that offers organizations powerful tools for live video production. In this practical and interactive webinar, you’ll get an in-depth tour of Pearl-2’s many advanced features – from custom layouts to network security.

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See what you can do with an Epiphan Pearl-2

CMS and LMS systems

Hit the ground running with a menu-by-menu tour

Pearl-2’s user interface is a breeze to navigate, giving you fast access to powerful features. Take a tour through each menu and learn about everything a Pearl system can do.

Multiple layouts

Discover Pearl’s custom layouts designer

Pearl’s simplified drag-and-drop layout editor makes it easy to add text overlays, picture-in-picture layouts, and other elements to your live video productions. We’ll show you this feature in action.

Choose your setup

Explore advanced features and setup options

Network security, multi-streaming, automatic file uploading, and more – get clear on what Pearl-2 is capable of and how it can benefit your organization.