Producing professional video content at home

Anyone whose work involves video production faces unique challenges in a remote work environment. Namely, how do you produce professional-quality video content at home? In this free and informative webinar, we offer professional tricks to overcome “home studio” quality issues for professional results at home, both on a budget and if budget isn’t an issue.

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Learn how to create professional looking videos at home

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Telltale signs your videos look unprofessional

Learn to identify the telltale signs that a home-produced video was produced unprofessionally.


How to get professional results from your at-home video production setup

Instantly improve your home-produced videos with professional tricks to get the best from your home setup, including how to choose the best space, set up lighting, camera tips, and how to solve audio issues like echo and noise.


Recording vs live streaming and how to get multiple camera angles

We show you what’s needed to record videos vs live video streaming and how to capture multiple camera angles for more professional looking home-produced videos.