Powerful live video production: Pearl Mini primer and Q&A

Video production equipment has become an essential asset for organizations in every sector. Fine-tuning your own live video production setup? Discover the Epiphan Pearl Mini hardware encoder and what it can do for your organization in this free, interactive webinar.

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Find out what Pearl Mini can do for your organization


Create professional-quality productions

Get a closer look at the Pearl Mini features that make it possible to create polished, multi-source video productions.

One-touch start and stop of events

Produce live video with ease

Pearl Mini isn’t just powerful; it’s also a breeze to use. With Pearl Mini’s built-in touch screen and intuitive touch screen interface, anyone in your organization can master it quickly.

Choose your CDN platform

Discover the possibilities

The versatile Pearl Mini supports a wide range of industries – from corporations and live event producers to educational institutions and churches – and an even wider range of use cases.