Optimize your at-home video conferencing setup

The technology you use for virtual conferencing plays a significant role in how you come across during video calls with customers, clients, partners, and suppliers. Improve your virtual meeting presence with gear recommendations and practical tips from Epiphan’s AV experts.

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Look your best on screen with our expert advice

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Project a professional image to customers and clients

At the office, your video conferencing setup is usually taken care of. At home, it’s on you. Don’t worry: our experts can walk you through it.

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Get clear on video conferencing equipment

When it comes to video conferencing setups, what are your options? We go over the different gear you can leverage, how they fit together, and how to use them best.

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Elevate any video conferencing setup

Even with a simple webcam and microphone, there are things you can do to make yourself appear more professional during video calls. Our video production experts have the tips you need.