Best live streaming setups for every budget

What live streaming setup makes the most sense for you or your business depends largely on the budget you’re working with. In this webinar, we go over several live streaming setups that fit low, medium, or high budgets to give you a sense of the features you can expect at each price point.

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Find the perfect live streaming setup for your budget

Choose your setup

Choose your setup

Live stream setups range from just the essentials to a professional, multi-camera production. We walk through each tier to give you a clear idea of what your money can buy.

Choose your tools

Understand live streaming gear

Webcams, mirrorless cameras, capture cards, hardware encoders – this webinar covers them all, clarifying advantages and trade-offs to help your decision making.


Discover the power of Pearl

Pearl-2 and Pearl Mini all-in-one video production systems simplify live video production. Learn about the Pearl family and how a hardware encoder fits into live streaming setup.