Live event production with Pearl and Wowza Media Systems

Looking for a way to turn your in-person events into engaging online experiences? That’s the defining challenge of 2020 for event organizers and live event producers. Join Epiphan and Wowza Media Systems’ Tim Dougherty to learn how Pearl systems can leverage Wowza streaming platforms to simplify the process of producing professional-quality live video.

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Take your events online with Epiphan and Wowza live video solutions

Live video production

Learn what Wowza can bring to your events

4K streaming, ultra-low latency, and stream customization are just some of the features Wowza Streaming Engine and Streaming Cloud have to offer live event producers. Discover these and more.


Understand Epiphan/Wowza workflows

Our hosts walk through the components and processes for producing live events with Epiphan Pearl hardware and Wowza streaming services.


See Pearl and Wowza in action

Get a front-row demo of how Pearl all-in-one video production systems and Wowza streaming platforms work together to simplify and enhance live event production.