How to make your webinar look (and sound) professional

Having great content is one thing, but how your webinar looks will also influence your audience’s perception of your business. Not sure where to start improving your AV setup? Our live streaming experts will walk you through different tech setups for professional-quality webinars – and pull back the curtain to show you how we at Epiphan produce our own.

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Learn how to create a webinar worth watching!

Choose your tools

Choosing the right gear and tools

To make your production look sharp, you’ll need quality gear and trusted tools. We’ll go over everything from cameras and microphones to layout editors and titling software.


Production tips and tricks

We’ll show you the simple things you can do to make your webinar look polished. We’ll also go over some advanced production techniques in case you want to go above and beyond.

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Top webinar production mistakes to avoid

We’ve seen just about everything that could go wrong do so. We’ll share our insights with you so you won’t have to learn the hard way.