How to host a live stream with guests

Adding guests to a live stream can bring a lot to your event. But what’s the best way to host a live stream with guests? We go over five different ways to add remote guests to your live video productions, including using video conferencing software like Zoom, streaming software such as OBS, and Haivision’s open-source SRT streaming protocol with Pearl hardware encoders.

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Learn the best ways to add remote guests to your live streams

Stream anywhere

Understand your options for remote guests

Drawing on our experience producing live streams from a distance, our hosts go over different remote guest workflows you can apply to your own events.


Use SRT to bring in live stream guests

The Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol delivers high quality even over unpredictable networks. Learn how to use SRT with Pearl and Zoom to enable real-time communication between host and guests.


Discover the power of Pearl

Many companies use Pearl systems to produce high-quality video remotely. Learn about the Pearl family and how a hardware encoder fits into your remote work setup.