How to host a virtual event

With the current world events, many businesses are searching for ways to continue showcasing new products, delivering important messages, and bringing people together. Luckily, advances in streaming and video technology make it easy to turn an in-person event into a great online experience. Hosting virtual conferences, presentations, workshops, and more: we’ll show you how it can be done.

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Keep your business ops up and running with virtual event streaming

Choose your setup

Equipment and setup

Event live streaming setups can range from just the essentials to a professional, multi-camera production. We’ll walk you through each tier.

Choose your tools

Online streaming platforms

Along with cameras and audio equipment, the platform you use to interact with you audience is very important. Our hosts will guide you through the most essential aspects of building an effective solution.

Choose your CDN platform

Effective content delivery

Presenting content through video offers unique challenges, but also opportunities to hone your craft. We’ll give you tips for getting the most out of your virtual event.