Getting started with virtual classrooms

Campus closures have made virtual classrooms a necessity for colleges and universities worldwide. Now many schools are scrambling to move classes online. Learn how to set up a virtual classroom for your school in this free webinar.

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Learn everything you need to move your classes online

Choose your setup

Equipment and setup

We’ll go over a range of virtual-classroom setups – from simple screen sharing to multi-camera setups with professional equipment. Our expert hosts will help you decide what level of investment and complexity is right for your institution.

CMS and LMS systems

Online learning platforms

Along with cameras and audio equipment, the platform your faculty and students interact with is critically important. Our hosts will guide you through the most essential aspects of building an online learning portal.


Effective content delivery

Presenting content through video offers unique challenges, but also opportunities to hone your craft. We’ll give you tips for getting the most out of any lecture capture system.