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Solving the problems of worship live streaming

“I want to live stream but it’s too complex for me”
“I live stream already but the quality is poor and it’s turning people off!”

At Epiphan, we understand your concerns. That’s why we designed Webcaster X2 – a simple-to-use device that creates beautiful live streams to help your religious or faith organization grow.

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Simple set-up for a worry-free live streaming experience

Not a technical expert? No problem. Webcaster X2 is designed to be incredibly simple to use for users of all technical levels.

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Attract more viewers with professional-quality live streaming

Webcaster X2 lets you stream beautiful high-definition video and crystal-clear audio to capture the attention of online viewers and ensure they remain engaged in your worship service or ceremony.

Need convincing?

See how other worship centers are using Webcaster X2.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of camera do I need?

Webcaster X2 supports any camera that has an HDMI output. For example, this can be a digital camera (DSLR/mirrorless) or a camcorder.

What kind of cable do I need to connect my camera?

Webcaster X2 supports any camera with an HDMI output, therefore you need an HDMI cable to connect your camera to your Webcaster X2.

How does audio work with Webcaster X2?

Both audio and video are transmitted over HDMI from your camera to your Webcaster X2. This means you can connect any mic to your camera to get professional HDMI audio alongside your video.

Where does Webcaster X2 live stream to?

Webcaster X2 live streams to Facebook or YouTube (not both at the same time).

On Facebook, Webcaster X2 can live stream to your Facebook Timeline, or to a Facebook Page, Event or Group. On YouTube, Webcaster X2 can live stream to your YouTube channel or a YouTube Event.

What bandwidth do I need to live stream?

For live streaming to Facebook, you need a minimum of 2 Mb/s upload bandwidth.
For live streaming to YouTube, you need a minimum of 4 Mb/s upload bandwidth.

How do I start and stop my live stream?

You can easily start and stop your live stream by pressing the multi-function button on the side of the Webcaster X2 device.

Can Webcaster X2 connect wirelessly to my network?

Yes! Webcaster X2 can connect to your network with a wired (Ethernet) connection or a wireless connection.

Most common live stream setups for worship

Live streaming setups can range from simple to advanced depending on your budget and technical expertise. See all the different live stream setups in our live streaming for worship infographic.

Most common worship set-ups

Join countless other institutions of worship who are using Webcaster X2 to live stream their religious ceremonies and grow their followings.


“Webcaster came into our process beautifully. It’s so simple to connect to the account and to configure and stream to our page. We can just hit start and I know with a dead-set level of confidence that we’ll get a consistent signal to our Facebook page.”

Pastor David Sisson, Bridgeway Church

$US 299.95
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