The smart way to create impactful video in the enterprise, at scale.

Create stunning videos for your business with Videogenic, the hassle-free video production solution. Make effective videos, without managing every aspect of production.

Always-on video studio. No setup required

Available 24/7. Just walk into the equipped space and start creating.

Efficient and cost-effective

No wasting employee time on complex video projects. Save money on hiring video crews.

Hassle-free experience

Effortless live production and recording. No production knowledge or crew required.

Create more HD video with fewer resources

Videogenic optimizes your corporate video communications workflow. By taking care of the technical side, Videogenic frees up your staff to work on the creative side of video production. As a result, your departments can create more stunning video content, faster.

Broadcast-quality video on your schedule

You provide compelling content – Videogenic takes care of the rest. Videogenic is available 24/7, ready to shoot at your convenience. Forget about the stress and clutter associated with organizing corporate shoots and hiring production crews. With Videogenic, the production planning process boils down to booking your dedicated Videogenic space in your calendar. At the time of the event, you just walk in, mic up, and begin.


Live professional expertise

The process is entirely hands-off. Our team of experienced A/V professionals monitor your recording in real-time, to ensure everything goes smoothly. We use best-in-class hardware and software to ensure high reliability and quality for your stream or recording.

See how Videogenic can work for you

How does it work?

1. Videogenic outfits a space in your business with the equipment needed for high quality video recording.

2. You book the space online, and when it’s time for your broadcast, simply walk into your Videogenic space, put on the mic, and begin.

3. Our remote team handles all the production work, including any switching, editing, and layout you need.

Videogenic diagram

Use Videogenic for all of your video content

Internal videos

  • Training videos
  • Town hall meetings
  • Internal webcasts & conferences
  • Executive messaging

External videos

  • Broadcast TV appearances
  • Product reveals & demos
  • Conferences & events
  • Seminars & product training

See how Videogenic can work for you