Configure channel encoding using AV Studio

You can remotely configure certain video and audio encoding settings for a channel using AV Studio for Pearl when it is paired with AV Studio. You can set:

  • Frame size: Manually select a fixed resolution for the channel to use when streaming, recording, and for output to a confidence monitor. Options include 1920×1080, 1280×720, and 640×360. For more options and custom frame size settings, use the Admin panel, see Configure encoding.
  • Video bitrate: If using the H.264 video codec, you can increase or decrease image quality by increasing or decreasing the channel's Bitrate value. Video with a high level of motion and high resolution, such as sporting events, requires a higher bitrate.
  • Frame rate: Enter a specific video frame rate for your channel. The default is 30 fps.
  • Enable audio: Select to include audio from this channel.
  • Audio preset: Choose the audio encoding for the channel. The default encoding is AAC 48 kHz.

  • Audio bitrate: Manually select a bitrate for the audio when streaming and recording the channel. For stereo audio, we recommend 254 kbps or 360 kbps.
  • Audio channels: You can set the channel's audio to stream and record in stereo or mono.

Choose Mono to have left and right stereo channels combined so that when you listen to the streamed or recorded audio, the same blended sound comes through both the left and right channels.

If you have only one mono analog input, use the left TRS jack and select mono encoding to have the same sound come from both the left and right channels. (If stereo sound is chosen, the sound will only come through on the left channel.)

To configure channel encoding using AV Studio:

  1. Login to your AV Studio account at
  2. In the top header bar, click Encoders. The list of encoders opens.
  3. Select the row for the channel and click Details in the thumbnail or click the three dots and choose Details. The Encoder Status page for that channel opens.
  4. Select the Settings tab to configure the encoder settings for the channel. The channel settings on Pearl change automatically after you select the new values here.
  5. The amount of time it takes for the selected option to update on the Settings tab depends on the speed of your Internet connection and how often your connection refreshes. Allow some time for the selected option to update.