About the Switcher interface

The Switcher interface is accessed from the Menu button in the top right corner of the Dashboard interface. See The Dashboard interface.

Elements in the Switcher view

Number Title Description
1 Channel selector

A list of channels configured on your Pearl. When a channel is selected, you can switch between the different layouts that are configured for that channel.

2 Menu icon Displays links to the Dashboard view and the Admin panel when clicked.
3 Preview panel Displays a preview of a selected layout, which is outlined with a green border. When you click the Switch button, this preview layout becomes the live layout. See Switching while live streaming and recording using Epiphan Live for more information.
4 Live view panel Displays the active "live" layout that is currently being streamed or recorded. The live layout is outlined with a red border. When you select the Switch button, this live layout is replaced with the layout that's loaded in to the Preview panel.
5 Layout carousel Displays small previews for all layouts contained within your selected channel. Select a layout from the carousel to add it to the Preview panel.

Note that the layout selected for the Preview panel has a green border and the layout in the Live panel has a red border.
6 Switch button When selected, the layout in the Preview panel replaces the layout in the Live panel and is immediately reflected in your active stream and recordings.