Tested RTSP-based IP cameras

Pearl is compatible with all Ethernet-based IP cameras and other RTSP sources. The cameras listed in the following table represent a sample of common third-party cameras that have been tested to work with Pearl. Information such as URL syntax, default credentials and audio streaming capability specific to each camera is included.

The URL syntax refers to the additional piece of text that needs to be included in the source URL to connect your IP camera to Pearl, see Connect an RTSP source to learn how to connect an RTSP source like an IP camera using the Admin panel.

For example, to connect a Sony SRG300SE camera with an IP address of "", your source URL needs to be entered as:


Or, if using a Q-See QCN8029Z camera, your source URL needs to be entered as:


List of tested IP cameras

Brand Model Image

URL syntax

Audio? Default
username and
Q-See QCN8029Z / No admin

Sony SRG300SE /video1 Yes admin

Panasonic AW-HE40HPK /MediaInput/h264/stream_1

(To add a second URL, use: "/MediaInput/h264/stream_2")
Yes admin

Axis P1428-E /axis-media/media.amp No root

Axis M1034-W /axis-media/media.amp Yes root


During testing, the Panasonic AW-HE40 did not consistently synchronize its time with Pearl.