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Welcome, and thank you for buying an Epiphan Pearl device.

See the Quick start for basic steps to get a single video source (and optional audio) set up so you can stream and record some output right away. The rest of the guide shows you how to tweak the system exactly how you want it so you can take advantage of the many advanced features.

Pearl devices are fully integrated with Kaltura, Panopto, and YuJa Content Management Systems (CMSs) and is easily setup using the Admin panel. The Integration section of this guide details how to register and set up the Pearl device as a remote recording and streaming device with these CMSs.

For information about using the Pearl device's RS-232 API, HTTP API, and HTTPS API with third-party applications, refer to the Pearl System API Guide.

About this Guide

After the introductory section, the next section describes the setup and main user interfaces that are used to operate and configure the Pearl device. You'll find everything that you need to use and setup these interfaces :

  • Front screen menu and control key interface for Pearl Nano
  • Admin Panel

The rest of the user guide covers setting up and operating your Pearl system for a successful experience. The sections are organized into these main categories: Setup, Capture, Stream, Record, Integration, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting.

This guide assumes that all feature add-ons for Pearl-2 and Pearl Nano are activated. If a documented feature or task is only available when a specific feature add-on is activated, it is indicated by a link to the activation page for that feature add-on. For the 4K add-on, the link is 4K .