Release notes

Release 4.23.0

  • Added support for Opencast Content Management System.

  • For ad hoc or unscheduled Panopto events, added support to upload recordings directly into the device's default folder.

  • With this release, should a reboot occur during a Panopto event, the recording will not only continue seamlessly but also, upon the event's conclusion at the predetermined time, it will autonomously upload to Panopto for processing, eliminating the need for any manual input.

Previous releases and features

This section lists features and updates introduced in previous product releases.

Release 4.21.0

  • Added support to schedule the start and stop times for recording and streaming using the premium version of Epiphan Edge. This requires a subscription to Epiphan Edge.

  • Added file transfer progress indicator to the video preview screens as well as the Single-Touch screen on Pearl Mini and Pearl-2. This feature will help users monitor the progress of their uploads and avoid removing the storage in the middle of the transfer.

  • Added option to require user to enter a PIN to user Pearl Nano to factory reset the device.

  • Added option to require user to enter a PIN in order to apply built-in configuration presets using the front screen.

  • New built-in Configuration presets for Pearl-2 and Pearl Mini to transform routine meetings and events into captivating TV broadcast-like experiences.

  • Added a new counter to the SRT statistics called Reconnections to show the number of times a SRT connection disconnected and was successfully re-established.

  • Added support to encode MP3 and AAC audio formats at 192 Kbps.

  • Resolved a bug that caused recording failure when Pearl is configured to record a scheduled Panopto webcast event and at the scheduled start time, connection to Panopto is established but either Panopto does not respond in a timely manner or does not respond at all.


Release 4.20.0

  • Added ability to apply a Pearl Configuration preset from an attached USB drive.

  • Re-branded Epiphan Cloud to Epiphan Edge on web admin interface and front screen.

  • Resolved an issue that leads to loss of input video signal when the name of a video source on Pearl web UI is changed to reserved key words.

  • Provided better handling of HTTP error code 401 from YuJa Enterprise Video Platform.


Release 4.19.0

  • Added support to lock the Record and Stream control keys on Pearl Nano's front panel using a PIN.

  • Implemented a fix for an issue that prevented the upload of recorded files to Panopto. This problem is encountered when Pearl is rebooted while in the middle of uploading a recorded file to Panopto.

  • Implemented a solution to identify and restore the XLR analog audio input capture when it fails due to grounding and/or external environmental issues.

  • Resolved an issue that prevented Pearl from uploading files to existing subdirectories in an S3 bucket using AFU.

Release 4.18.0

  • Added support for NDI|HX inputs

  • Performance improvements to NDI|HX functionality

  • Added support for quickly connecting SRT inputs to Epiphan Connect

  • Enhanced SRT inputs and outputs with buttons to quickly copy information to clipboard

  • Enhancements made to Panopto integration; Pearls configured to record webcast events will now begin recording to local storage if Panopto cannot be reached at the scheduled start time.

  • Improved discoverability of the Epiphan Live dashboard

  • Resolved an issue in which some scheduled back to back events with Panopto, Kaltura, or YuJa CMS may not get recorded

  • Bug fixes

  • MPEG-DASH is no longer supported on Pearl devices

  • UPnP is no longer supported on Pearl devices

Release 4.17.3

  • An issue has been resolved wherein configuration presets that contained Epiphan Cloud data from one Pearl were applied to another Pearl which then caused a hard lock of that Pearl upon reboot. A better handling of this information has been implemented in this release to prevent the hard locking of these Pearls on reboot.

  • An issue has been resolved wherein occasionally Epiphan Cloud team members were not able to access the Admin interface of a paired Pearl unit

  • Bug fixes

Release 4.17.2

  • Bug fix for the full frame rate preview in Epiphan Cloud Pro. HLS preview stream from Pearl to Cloud was not closing properly when preview was stopped, this has been resolved

Release 4.17

  • Firmware version 4.17 is the last version to support connections to UPnP enabled devices
  • SRT timestamp synchronization: When using SRT to connect a Pearl to another Pearl, or a Unify instance, it is now possible to enable automatic syncing of SRT streams. The Pearl acting as sender timestamps the packets, and the receiving Pearl can sync using those timestamps. This feature is activated on the receiving Pearl through a check box
  • Support for Kuando BusyLight Alpha and Omega model 2
  • Support for starting and stopping scheduled YuJa events early using Pearl
  • Support for pausing and resuming YuJa events in progress using Pearl
  • Support for extending a YuJa event in progress using Pearl management interface
  • Addition of brute force password attack prevention. If the same IP address tries and fails to log in to Pearl 50 times in a row within 60 seconds, Pearl will block further attempts to log in from that IP address for 60 seconds
  • Security vulnerability fixes
  • Bug fixes
  • Pearl Nano devices with a serial number starting with GSAB or newer will be unable to downgrade below firmware version 4.17. An error will occur if this is attempted and the firmware upgrade will be blocked

Release 4.16 (Pearl Nano only)

  • 4K add-on now available for purchase
  • H.265 encoding now available

Release 4.15

  • Direct integration with the YuJa content management system lets you streamline your YuJa workflows for even more efficiency. Pearl can automatically start recording or streaming based on your schedule in YuJa and push files to the right folder on the platform
  • Kaltura updates including Improved ad hoc events and My Dashboard integration
  • MultiViewer onscreen options including on-air status, audio meters, channel status, and CMS event status
  • SRT support upgraded to version 1.4.3 (better stability, more accurate statistics, and other improvements)
  • Support for automatic file uploading via secure SMB2 and SMB3, improving compatibility with Windows-based systems
  • Preset optimizations allow you to select which aspects of a created preset to apply to a Pearl device
  • Lockable front screen on Pearl Nano for CMS applications

Release 4.14.3 (Pearl Nano only)

  • Firmware 14.4.3 allows Pearl Nano users to dynamically scale the input source in the custom layout builder.
  • The color range of the HDMI and SDI video inputs now includes black (0.0.0). As such, the color black (0.0.0) in the video signal is now accurately encoded as black instead of near-black

Release 4.14.2

  • MultiViewer displays a custom mix of up to video sources including channels on the HDMI output port in a convenient grid for confidence monitoring with minimal impact to the system's processor.
  • MultiViewer displays a custom mix of up to two video sources including the channel on the HDMI output port in a side-by-side grid for confidence monitoring with minimal impact to the system's processor
  • Pause and extend CMS events
  • Panopto device templates
  • Live channel RTSP stream transport option
  • NDI version 4.6.2 support
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Pearl as FTP server functionality removed.

Release 4.14.1

  • One Touch control of streaming and recording
  • Upload local webcast recordings to Panopto
  • Locking the CMS start screen
  • Pre-configured stream URLs for Kaltura webcasts
  • Schedule CMS event uploads
  • Adjustable fan speed
  • Rotate the touch screen display 180 degrees without affecting the video at the output port

Release 4.14.0

  • Inaugural release of Pearl Nano