What's new and release history

Release 4.12.1 revision 3

To comply with security mandates, Pearl system firmware update 4.14.2 introduced password requirements for the admin, operator, and viewer user accounts. If no passwords are currently assigned to the user accounts on Pearl and a factory reset or default configuration preset is applied after upgrading the firmware, connection to Pearl will fail. Assign passwords to Pearl's admin, operator, and viewer user accounts then update your API scripts to supply the appropriate username and password. If passwords are already set up and included in your API scripts, no additional action is required.

Assign passwords to the user accounts on Pearl using the Admin panel or run the following HTTP API commands:

POST http://{{host}}/api/system/access/passwords
Authorization: Basic {{username}}:{{password}}
Content-Type: application/json
Accept: application/json

"admin": "",
"operator": "",
"viewer": ""

Release 4.12.1 revision 2

Added Pearl Nano support. No API commands were added or modified. Pertinent Pearl Nano considerations include:

  • Pearl Nano's channel index number is always 1. The layout identifier is also always 1.
  • Pearl Nano doesn't support multiple channels, multiple layouts, recorders, touch screen, and the Motion JPEG codec. Commands related to these are either ignored (for example, you cannot delete the channel or create a new layout on Pearl Nano), or applied to only a single target item, such as the single channel or layout on Pearl Nano.

Release 4.12.1

The initial publication of the Pearl System API Guide aligns with Pearl-2 and Pearl Mini firmware release 4.12.1 and is compatible with subsequent firmware releases of those products until otherwise noted. There are no API changes to document from the previous release of the Pearl firmware.