What's in the Box?

Pearl-2 Rackmount
Pearl-2 Rackmount Twin


The standalone Pearl-2 model is shipped in a hard shell case that you can re-use for storing or moving the system between jobs. Cable storage is located under the custom foam tray that holds Pearl-2 in the case.

Inside the box with your Pearl-2 system, you'll find the power cable and the following items. Pearl-2 Rackmount Twin comes with two sets of cables:

  1. One SDI cable (3 feet / 1 meter in length)
  2. One HDMI cable (3 feet / 1 meter in length)
  3. One HDMI to DVI adapter
  4. One Ethernet cable
  5. One region-specific power supply cable (6 feet / 1.8 meters in length)

Cables (power cable not shown)

Image Name Description
SDI cable Connect SDI sources to the SDI ports (12G-SDI capable).
HDMI cable Connect HDMI or DVI (using adapter) sources to the HDMI ports.
DVI (female) to HDMI (male) adapter Connect DVI sources to the HDMI port.
RJ-45 Ethernet cable Connect Pearl-2 to your network.