Optimum CPU performance

Pearl-2, Pearl-2 Rackmount and Pearl-2 Rackmount Twin are powerful live video production systems; however, there's a limit to the number of concurrent tasks the onboard CPU can perform efficiently.

The number of concurrent tasks depends on many factors, like: how many channels you have, how many layouts you have per channel, how often you switch layouts, is the system resizing (scaling) video sources, what frame rate and bitrate is used per channel, are the video output ports used, etc. Keep in mind that connecting a live monitor to the HDMI output port consumes about the equivalent of an encoded 1920×1080@30 fps channel.

Streaming an NDI output consumes about the equivalent of an encoded 1920×1080@30 fps channel on Pearl-2.

For best results, we recommend keeping Pearl-2's CPU usage under 70%.

You can check the Overall system load from the Info page using the Admin panel.

To check the CPU usage from the touch screen, tap the gear icon and select System Status.

If the system load is higher than recommended, you can:

  • Disable the video output port (if unused).
  • Remove unused channels or layouts.
  • Reduce the number of channels created.
  • Ensure video sources come in at the right resolution so that Pearl-2 doesn't have to up scale or down scale the video source.