Rackmount installation

All Pearl-2 models can be used in desktop mode, with the system placed on any flat, stable surface. They are also all rackmountable into fixed racks or portable rack cases like the one depicted below.

If you purchased Pearl-2 Rackmount or Pearl-2 Rackmount Twin, you can install your system directly into a 19-inch rack. For the smaller, portable Pearl-2 model, you can purchase our optional rackmount shelf for installation in a rack. (Instructions for the rackmount shelf are included with the shelf.)

To install Pearl-2 Rackmount or Pearl-2 Rackmount Twin in a 19-inch rack:

  1. Ensure you have the correct bolts needed for your rack (not included). Pearl-2's rackmount holes are sized to work with both threaded and non-threaded mounting systems.
  2. Carefully slide the system into and available 2U space in your 19-inch rack.
  3. Attach four bolts as shown below.