About device management with Epiphan Cloud

Epiphan Cloud is your remote management and control center for all your Pearl-2 devices. All you need is a free Epiphan Cloud account.

After you pair Pearl-2 with your Epiphan Cloud account, you can access Pearl-2 from anywhere there's an Internet connection. You can even invite others to join your team for easy remote access.

Using Epiphan Cloud you can:

  • Preview video sources and audio.
  • Start/stop channel recording and streaming remotely.
  • Remotely configure channel encoding.
  • Create live streams.
  • Monitor performance statistics and system alerts 24/7.
  • Set up custom email alerts.
  • Set up remote teams and assign team members access and control levels.
  • Perform updates and batch operations for efficient fleet management.
  • Remotely login to cloud versions of the Admin panel and Epiphan Live for remote rescue troubleshooting, full administration access, and to control switching, recording, and streaming.

For more information about Epiphan Cloud features and functions, see the online Epiphan Cloud User Guide.

Important considerations

  • The following actions cause Pearl-2's device entry in Epiphan Cloud to permanently go offline. You must pair Pearl-2 again to remotely control, monitor, or configure Pearl-2 using Epiphan Cloud.

    • Unpairing Pearl-2 in Epiphan Cloud.
    • Using the Admin panel to disable the Epiphan Cloud feature on Pearl while the device is paired to Epiphan Cloud.
  • If you pair Pearl-2 again after you have successfully unpaired from Epiphan Cloud, a new device instance is created in Epiphan Cloud. The previous instance for Pearl-2 remains permanently offline.
  • Some features like batch operations and remote login require the Epiphan Cloud Pro plan.