View system information using the touch screen

Find the serial number, check the installed firmware version of your Pearl-2 and more on the System Status screen using the touch screen.

The System Status screen displays basic system information that's useful when first setting up your Pearl-2.


Label Description

Device Information

  • Serial number
  • Video grabber number
  • Firmware version

Network Information

  • IP Address
  • MAC Address

Device Status

  • System date
  • System time
  • Uptime
  • CPU load (%) and Temperature (°Celsius)

Storage Information (when available)

  • Disk space available
  • Pictogram of available disk space 

Open the System Status screen

  1. Tap the gear icon. If the control icons aren't showing, tap anywhere on the touch screen.
  2. Tap System Status to see the System Status page.
  3. Tap CPU load to toggle between the operating temperature (°Celsius) and CPU load (%).
  4. Tap Back to return to the System Settings screen, or the Home icon to return to the channel view.

If the system settings control icon won't appear when you tap the touch screen, it may be disabled. See Configure the touch screen to enable system information.