Stream a channel using the touch screen

Use Pearl-2's touch screen to easily start and stop streaming a channel. Simply tap the streaming control button that appears in the channel view.

If the gray (or blue) Stream icon doesn't appear in the top left corner of the screen, streaming is disabled. See Disable or enable recording, streaming and switching from the touch screen to enable streaming.

Start and stop streaming a channel using the touch screen

  1. From the grid view, select the channel you want to record. The channel view opens. If necessary, tap the screen once to display the controls.
  2. Tap the gray Stream icon at the top left of the screen to start streaming. The Stream icon turns blue and the timer increments when streaming is in progress.
  3. Tap the Stream icon again to stop streaming. The dot turns gray and the timer resets to 00:00:00.

If an error occurs when you start streaming, a yellow circle with an exclamation mark appears in the left top corner of the touch screen. Check your networking and streaming settings.

Pearl-2 also features One Touch, which lets you control recording and streaming of multiple channels and recorders at the same time with the touch of a button. See Single Touch streaming and recording control for more information.