Set the touch screen timeout

Initially, the touch screen is always on for easy monitoring. However, you can set the touch screen to shut off after a given amount of time. To re-enable the touch screen after it times out and shuts off, simply tap anywhere on the screen..

If the start screen is not set to locked mode and a screen timeout occurs, tapping the touch screen returns you to the last screen you were on before the timeout occurred.

If you set a 4-digit PIN when the start screen is in locked mode, a lock appears in the top right of the start screen after a timeout. You must enter the PIN to unlock the start screen for access to the touch screen on Pearl-2.

Set the touch screen timeout using the Admin panel

  1. Login to the Admin panel as admin, see Connect to Admin panel.
  1. From the Configuration menu, select Touch Screen. The touch screen configuration page opens.

  1. Enter the number of seconds before the touch screen automatically shuts off in the Timeout field. A value of 0 keeps the touch screen on at all times when the system is on.
  2. Click Apply.