About configuration presets

Configuration presets are groups of settings that get applied to the system, leaving other important settings intact. They make it easy to manage multiple Pearl-2 systems in shared spaces, like a studio, and ensures a consistent setup each time you go to use your Pearl-2.

Configuration presets let you quickly apply settings so you can reconfigure Pearl-2 on the fly. You can even export a configuration preset from one Pearl-2 and upload it to another Pearl-2 system.

Configuration presets are not cross compatible between different Pearl models.

The system's settings are divided into the following configuration groups. You can choose to include any number and combination of configuration groups in a preset and create as many different configuration presets as you need. For a complete list of individual settings that are included in each configuration group, see About configuration presets.

System Inputs Automatic file uploads
Network Channels EDID
Output ports Touch screen CMS

Epiphan Cloud


You can create and apply any saved configuration preset from the Configuration menu when you select Maintenance using the Admin panel. A special Factory default configuration preset, which cannot be erased, is included in the list of configuration presets. Use that to return to the factory setup without destructively erasing any saved recordings or media files you've uploaded.

It's important to note that configuration presets are applied over existing settings. They affect only the settings groups included in the preset. All other settings are unaffected. Read the Configuration preset considerations section carefully to understand caveats around using configuration presets.

Example of presets in action

You could upload custom background images to Pearl-2 in advance of a conference and create custom channel configuration presets for several different keynote speakers, each with a different setup, and then apply them later when you need them. 

For example, you could create two configuration presets called Session 1 and Session 2. Each session could include things like custom backgrounds, images and logos, channels and layouts, metadata, streaming settings, network settings, and automatic file upload (AFU) locations. Then download those presets to your local computer so you can upload them to your entire fleet of Pearl-2 systems.

Channel configuration includes any applied backgrounds and image files. If these files aren't present when the configuration preset is saved, the save function will fail. Be careful when deleting background images and logo files.

At the conference, simply apply the configuration preset that you need for the appropriate session using either the Admin panel or the touch screen on Pearl-2. When applying the configuration preset, all other preset groups remain unchanged. The preset only affects channels and their configuration.

Session 1 preset        


Session 1 presenter data and background image

plus the conference IP address

Session 2 preset        

Session 2 presenter data and background image

plus the conference IP address

After applying a configuration preset, recorded files from the previous session remain present on the system. If AFU is configured, the recorded files continue to upload even after the new configuration preset is applied (if AFU is not yet complete), but the channels reflect the newly loaded session's background file name and presenter name.