Apply a configuration preset using the touch screen

You can use Pearl-2's touch screen to apply configuration presets. Configuration presets that only contain the network configuration group can also be applied using an alternative method, which is also described in this procedure.

If you apply a preset that has the EDID configuration group, the system may appear unresponsive for a short time while it applies these EDIDs to the video grabbers.

Apply a configuration preset using the touch screen

  1. Tap the gear icon to open the System settings screen. If the control icons aren't showing, tap anywhere on the touch screen.

  1. Tap Configuration Presets. A list of all the saved presets appears. The configuration preset to reset Pearl-2 to the Factory defaults is always listed first.

  1. Use the arrows at the bottom of the page to navigate through the list and tap the name of the preset you want to apply.

  1. Click OK when prompted to apply the configuration preset. If the configuration preset includes the network or system configuration groups, a reboot is required.

Alternatively, you can apply a configuration preset from the Settings when you select Network and go to the second page of Network options. Then tap Network Presets to display the list of saved configuration presets. Only configuration presets that contain the network configuration group are listed when you use this method.