Monitoring audio

Pearl-2's front panel includes a 3.5 mm headphones audio jack for monitoring audio. To monitor the audio for a channel, just select the channel using the touch screen. The audio you hear depends on the audio source configured in the live channel layout. Different layouts can have different audio sources configured.

Adjust the volume

Tap the headphones icon on the touch screen to adjust the volume. Each tap increases the volume by 25% to a maximum volume of 100%. Tapping the headphones icon when the volume is at 100% mutes the volume. You can also long press the headphones icon to mute and unmute the volume.

Volume is muted. 25%

At 75% volume, what you hear corresponds to the nominal audio level in the VU meter at approximately where the green bars change to yellow. Increasing the volume to 100% may cause you to hear distortion that is not actually present in the audio signal being recorded and streamed.

Audio VU meter

A VU meter on the touch screen shows the audio levels for the channel you are monitoring. The value is displayed in dBFS (decibels relative to full scale). Colored bars represent the audio level.

Channels that have stereo audio display two bars. The top bar is the left audio channel and the bottom bar is the right audio channel.

VU meter (mono)
VU meter (stereo)

Audio VU meter levels

Color Decibel range
Red 0 to -9 dBFS
Yellow -9 to -18 dBFS
Green -18 dBFS and lower

The VU meter appears in several different places so you can visually check audio levels: