Configure AFU to AWS S3 parameters

You can automatically upload recordings to an Amazon Web Server (AWS) when you select AWS S3 as the AFU protocol transfer type using the Admin panel.

The following table describes the parameters to configure AFU to a bucket on Amazon Simple Storage Solution (S3).

AWS Automatic Upload Configuration Parameters

Name Description
AWS Region Code The geographical region of the AWS server that contains the bucket you want to upload to, e.g. us-east-2.
Bucket The id of the data storage container you created in Amazon S3 for the recorded live streaming files.
Access Key Id The Access Key ID is part of your access key for your AWS account and is a required parameter, i.e. GAKSOSIFDONN2EXAMPLE.
Secret Access Key The Secret Sccess Key is part of your access key for your AWS account and is a required parameter, i.e.bHaprXUenFEMI/K6MANVG/cPxDfiBYEXAMPLEKEY.
Session Token The temporary security token provided by the AWS Security Token Service (STS) that allows access to your AWS account for authorized users.


Configure AFU upload to AWS S3 using the Admin panel

  1. From the Automatic File Upload configuration page, select AWS S3 Client as the protocol transfer type.

  1. Specify the AWS Region Code and the data storage Bucket where you want to upload the file.

  2. Enter your AWS Access Key Id and Secret Access Key to authenticate access to the AWS S3 data storage bucket.

    Failure to provide these values could result in content loss if Remove after uploading is selected.

  3. In the Session Token field, enter the temporary token you got from the AWS Security Token Service (STS).
  4. Click Apply.