About Automatic File Upload (AFU)

Pearl-2 can automatically upload recorded files from the channel and recorder to an accessible off-system storage location. You can set the file transfer to happen after a set amount of time or after the file completes recording.

There are additional settings to help you manage your AFU recordings and avoid file name collisions at the AFU server side. You can:

  • Automatically create a folder for your recorded files using the channel or recorder name.
  • Save recordings to a folder that's labeled using Pearl-2's serial number.

Automatic File Upload (AFU) is not enabled by default. You must enable this feature for a channel or recorder that you want included in automatic file transfers. A log file of all file transfers is created that you can view anytime from the Admin panel.

The following types of off-system storage are supported for AFU:

  • RSync
  • CIFS
  • CP
  • Amazon Web Server (AWS)
  • WebDav
  • USB Drive

Important considerations

  • Only one type of AFU can be used for all file transfers from the same channel or recorder.
  • Automatic File Upload (AFU) is not available while Content Management System (CMS) is enabled Pearl-2.
  • Files are automatically uploaded only once. New recordings created during later sessions do not overwrite files that were previously uploaded. A new file is uploaded.
  • If the connection is lost during the transfer, the transfer automatically restarts when the connection is reestablished.
  • If recorded files are selected for upload while the AFU is at maximum upload capacity or when the AFU is unavailable, they are added to an upload queue. Files and their relevant information are displayed in a list and are uploaded when the upload capacity becomes available.
  • If recordings are selected for Automatic File Upload (AFU) while AFU is at maximum upload capacity or when AFU is unavailable, the recordings are added to an upload queue. If there is no available space left in the internal storage on Pearl-2, new recordings fail and do not overwrite recordings in the AFU queue.