Your recordings

All recordings made using Epiphan Live are saved to the Your recordings panel.

After recoding a file, you can manage it and any other files using the following tools on the page:

Number Title Description
1 Date selector

Select a From and a To date from the pop-up calendar to create a date range. Then tap Apply. Only recordings that were recorded within that time frame appear in the list below.

2 File details Each heading in the list gives information about that category. Selecting Date organizes the list chronologically by the date the recording began.
3 Files Each recorded file that falls within the search parameters appears in this list, including important metadata about the file. Tap or click on the file selects it so that it can be managed through the other tools on the page. You may also download or delete an individual file by using the action items at the end of the file line. Tap the file name to rename the file.
4 Page indicators The page number indicates which page of results you are currently viewing, and how many pages of results are there. The buttons allow you to move between pages one at a time, or straight to the beginning or end of the list. You can also change which page you are on by typing a valid page number into the text box.
5 Select all Tap to select all files on the page.
6 Delete all Tap to delete all files on the list. Warning: Deleted files can not be recovered.
7 Delete Tap to delete all selected files. Warning: Deleted files can not be recovered.
8 Download Click this button to download all selected files to your local hard drive.