Start/stop scheduled CMS events using the Admin panel

You can start scheduled Kaltura and Panapto events from the Events menu using the Admin panel and stop events before their scheduled end time. After an event ends, the recorded video files upload automatically to the CMS.

Important considerations

  • If you manually stop a scheduled Panopto VOD event before the scheduled end time when Pearl-2 doesn't have network connectivity, Pearl-2 uploads the completed event's recording when network connectivity resumes. However, Panopto does not recognize that the event has ended. The event remains in the In Progress state in Panopto and you must wait until the original event's scheduled end time before creating a new event using that Pearl-2.
  • For multiple-source Panopto events that are manually stopped or have ended, if you use the Admin panel to delete a locally saved recording for any channel on Pearl-2 that hasn't yet uploaded to Panopto as part of the multiple-source event, that event remains in the In Progress state indefinitely in Panopto.
  • Do not power down Pearl-2 while a scheduled webcast event is in progress. The webcast ends but the RTMP stream that was created automatically on Pearl-2 is not deleted from the channel's Streaming page. Use the Admin panel to manually delete the webcast stream instance from the channel's Streaming page.

Start a scheduled CMS event using the Admin panel

From the Admin panel, select the Events menu and click Start beside the scheduled event on the Events page.

Stop a scheduled CMS event using the Admin panel

Under Ongoing and completed events, a Stop button appears beside the event while the event is recording. You can select that to stop the event before the scheduled end time.

TIP: In the Admin panel, you can click Refresh schedule at any time to manually update the events listed on the Events page.

After the event ends, it may take a while for content to show up in Kaltura's media lists, depending on how busy the Kaltura CMS system is at the time.