Select channels for Kaltura VOD events

You can select which Pearl-2 channels are included in scheduled and ad hoc recordings using the Admin panel. Each channel that is configure on Pearl-2 is treated as a separate video source for all VOD events. Using multiple channels is how you record multiple views for a scheduled or ad hoc VOD event.

For example, if you have a main camera and a presentation laptop that you want to capture as a multi-source recording, you'd create two channels on Pearl-2: one for the main camera and another one for the presentation laptop.

Set up your channels before performing this task. To learn how to create a channel, see Create a channel.

The main entry is the default view that people see when they are watching, as well as the main view (i.e. the large screen) for PiP. The main view, VOD metadata, and edits like trimning the VOD can be done later in Kaltura after the recording has uploaded.

Important consideration

  • Ensure that all the same audio sources are selected for each channel if a multi-view event with multiple channels is configured.

Select channels for Kaltura VOD events using the Admin panel

  1. Login to the Admin panel as admin, see Connect to Admin panel.
  1. From the Configuration menu, click CMS. The Content management system configuration menu opens.

  1. Under VOD event channels, check the channels to include.
  2. (Optional) Select a different Main entry channel for multi-view recordings.
  3. Click Apply at the bottom of the page.

Failing to apply the changes could result in recording unwanted channels.