CMS recording and webcasting using the Admin panel

Pearl-2 records scheduled, recurring, and unscheduled ad hoc events for Kaltura and Panopto CMSs. Pearl-2 appears as an available resource as soon as the device is registered with your CMS. Connect multiple audio and video sources directly to Pearl-2 and record content from HD cameras, document cameras, HDMI output from computers, and even digital microscope cameras.

Scheduled events start and end automatically. No manual intervention is required. After the event ends, recorded files automatically upload to the CMS. If the network connection or the CMS goes down during an event, it records locally on Pearl-2 and uploads automatically when network connectivity resumes. Back up recordings of each channel can easily be recovered using the Admin panel.

Do not schedule recordings that are longer than the capacity of Pearl-2 to store the recording on it's local drive.

Topics include:

To start/stop scheduled events and create ad hoc events using the touch screen, see CMS event controls using the touch screen.

For important considerations before recording or webcasting to a CMS, see About Kaltura recording and webcasting and About Panopto recording and webcasting.