Reassign a registered resource

Every encoder you register with Kaltura has a unique resource name. To swap out one Pearl-2 encoder with another one, you can simply reassign the existing Pearl-2 resource name to the replacement Pearl-2.

Assigning Pearl-2 the same resource name when you register the encoder transfers all the existing schedules and recordings over to the replacement Pearl-2. When a resource tries to register using the same name as another device, a warning message appears and you're asked whether or not you want to take over from the other resource.

  • If there's only one other registered resource with that name, you're prompted to choose whether or not to take over the events for that other resource. If you do take them over, Kaltura transfers all scheduled events from that other device.
  • If more than two other resources are already registered with the same resource name in Kaltura, registration fails. You're prompted to choose a different resource name and to try registering Pearl-2 again.

This works well when you want to change the encoder in a room but retain all the existing schedules and recordings that are associated with the encoder for that room.

Alternatively, you can avoid having to register the replacement Pearl-2 with Kaltura. If you apply a configuration preset to set up the replacement Pearl-2 with the settings from the currently registered Pearl-2, the replacement Pearl-2 assumes the identity of the registered resource. For more information about configuration presets, see About configuration presets.

Using a configuration preset can result in two Pearl-2 resources with the same identity, which can effect recording and the content that's uploaded to Kaltura for scheduled events. Power down, disconnect from the network, and consider performing a factory reset on one of the Pearl-2 resources to remove the possibility of having duplicate resources.

If you've performed a factory reset that resulted in an orphaned Kaltura resource registration, you can perform this procedure to reregister your Pearl-2 using the same resource name to take over the resource instance that is still registered in Kaltura.

Before you begin, you should already have:

  • A Kaltura instance created
  • Access to the Kaltura Management Console (KMC)
  • Your Kaltura partner ID
  • Your Kaltura administrator secret

Enable Pearl-2 as a resource and register with an existing resource name using the Admin panel

  1. Login to the Admin panel as admin, see Connect to Admin panel.
  1. From the Configuration menu, click CMS. The Content management system configuration menu opens.
  1. From the Choose CMS drop down, select Kaltura and then click Apply.
  2. Enter your Partner ID and Administrator secret that you got from Kaltura.
  3. Change the Resource name to the resource name of the Pearl-2 you are replacing and click Register device.
  4. When you're prompted to take over the events from the existing resource with that same name, click Yes.