What's in the box?

The DVI2USB 3.0 package includes the following

  1. DVI2USB 3.0 video grabber (read more, Physical attributes)
  2. One DVI-I cable
  3. One VGA to DVI cable
  4. One HDMI to DVI adapter
  5. One USB 3.0 cable

Description of included cables (images for identification only, color and appearance may vary)

Image Name Description
DVI-I cable Connects DVI sources to the video grabber.
VGA to DVI cable Connects VGA (or Component, if used with a converter) signals to the video grabber.
HDMI to DVI adapter Connects HDMI sources to the DVI-I cable for connection to the video grabber.
USB 3.0 cable High speed transfer cable that connects the video grabber to your capture workstation or laptop computer.