Status bar

The Epiphan Capture Tool has a status bar that displays information about your DVI2USB 3.0 or the currently selected video grabber. See below for a review of different things added to the status bar depending on configuration settings and your current actions with the utility.

No grabbers

If the software doesn't detect any attached video grabbers, the status bar indicates there are no capture devices found:

No signal on selected grabber

If there is no signal to the currently selected video grabber, the status bar indicates this with a no signal message:

Ready but not recording

Otherwise, the status bar shows a wealth of information. When not actively recording, the status bar indicates that it is Ready to start recording, and shows the VGA Mode of the source signal at the right side of the bar.

Recording a video

In the default configuration, when actively recording a video, it looks like this (RECORDING tag, file location, duration and frame count are added to the status):

Video recording complete

When video recording is complete, the status bar updates to show the final file location and duration. This stays int he status bar until the application is closed or recording is restarted.

Recording images

When recording your source as a series of images, the status bar shows the RECORDING tag and name of the current file.

Recording images complete

When image recording is complete, the status bar indicates the number of image frames that were saved.

Optional information

Other information can be displayed on the status bar, depending on the the configuration items set in the Tools » Options » Display menu. They are shown (mostly) separately below, but you can turn any number of these optional status bar items on at the same time - you may simply need to make sure your capture window is wide enough to see all the data!

  • The current capture frame rate.
  • The crop rectangle showing the top left corner (0,0 in the example), the bottom right corner and the resulting frame size.

  • Audio encoding information.
  • The number of frames or images the video grabber has captured since the application started.