Find your Zoom meeting URL or Meeting ID

Once you are ready to connect to a meeting you will need to find your Zoom meeting URL or meeting ID so you can paste it into Epiphan Connect, there are a few different places you can locate these both in Zoom and outside of it:

  • If the Zoom meeting has been added to your calendar you can find the meeting information within the calendar event. The exact location will depend on the calendar application you're using.

  • If you have received an email with the meeting invite you can right-click the link and choose Copy Link Address.

  • Finally, if you are already in a meeting, you can find the URL by clicking on the Participants button near the bottom of the screen which will open the Participants list. Once in the list you should see an Invite button; clicking this will open a pop-up where you can click Copy Invite Link in the lower left to copy the link to your clipboard. The meeting ID will be visible in the top bar of this same window.