Release notes

Release 2.21.6

  • Added support for Zoom return feed.

  • Added support for authenticated Zoom accounts.


Previous releases and features

This section lists features and updates introduced in previous product releases.

Release 2.19.11

  • Added support for Zoom meetings, return feed is not available in this release.

Release 2.17.3

  • Added functionality that allows the use of Epiphan Connect without the user needing to pair with a Microsoft Organization.

Release 2.16.4

  • Added Epiphan Connect quick connect feature that enables Epiphan Connect to automatically configure and use an SRT input that exists on an Epiphan device or Unify instance that are part of the same Epiphan Edge team as the Epiphan Connect instance. Pearl devices using this feature must be on firmware version 4.18 or higher.

Release 2.15.3

  • Added Return Feed feature that enables Connect to ingest an SRT signal and inject it into the Microsoft Teams meeting to which it is connected.

Release 2.14.3

  • Added additional option when pairing a Microsoft Teams organization, so a link can be generated and shared with the Microsoft Teams organization administrator so they can complete the pairing process without joining the Epiphan Edge team associated with the Epiphan Connect account.