Billing invoice details

To access your Epiphan Connect invoice you will first need to log into your Epiphan Edge account as the Owner of the Team, then click Settings in the left hand navigation pane, and then Billing and Usage.

Once on the Billing and Usage, page scroll down and click on the Epiphan Connect tab to view the current invoice.

Here is a sample invoice with certain parts highlighted; the explanation of these areas is found below.

  1. This displays the invoice number, the date of issue, and due date for payment.
  2. This displays the name of the person being billed as well as their email address.
  3. This is the number of units being charged for this invoice, listed in seconds.
  4. This is the price-per-second cost of Epiphan Connect being billed in this period.
  5. This is the monthly subscription fee of Epiphan Connect being billed in this period.