Quick start

Setting up your AV.io HD+ device to capture live video and audio content couldn’t be easier!

Before you begin the connection process, you will require:

  • An HD  video source (with or without audio)
  • Your capture card device
  • A capture desktop computer, laptop or notebook
  • A USB cable (included with purchase) to connect your AV.io HD+ to your capture computer
  • to connect your video source to your AV.io HD+.

Once you have these things ready to go, you can now begin the simple process of hooking up your AV.io HD+ so you can start capturing!

To connect your AV.io HD+ for capture:

  1. Connect your AV.io HD+ device to your video source
  2. Connect your AV.io HD+ device to your computer
  3. (Optional) Connect your audio device to the 3.5 mm audio input.
  4. Open your favorite third-party application, select AV.io HD+ from the list of available cameras and start capturing!

And that’s it. No drivers to install and no extensive set-up. Just connect the cables and you’re ready to go!